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Victory Road - Team Rocket Community

"Welcome to the world of Pokémon, young trainer!"
Armed with a backpack of supplies, a homemade meal from a nice woman who's kicked you out of her house, and a PokéGear, you've been given the opportunity to go on a new journey. How you've arrived here and if you're able to go home are only the start of questions you can ask upon arrival.

"Are you ready? Your very own pokémon story is about to unfold. you'll face tough times and challenges. A world of dreams and adventure with pokémon awaits."

That pokémon next to you? Also yours. There's a sign next to a path at the end of the city--Route 29, the start of the Johto region. To the lower edge of the city, a ferry, offering you a trip to Pallet Town to begin your journey in the infamous Kanto region. Where are you? What do you do next? And what's with that music?

Welcome to Victory Road! Adventure awaits!

Victory Road is a Pokémon-themed roleplay where you're taken from your world and given the chance to raise and love a brand new pokémon. Or hate it. Either way, you're stuck on this journey so you might as well make the most of it!

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